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World’s largest meat company pays hackers huge ransom in bitcoin – IG News

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Washington – The world’s largest meat company has had to pay a ransom of more than کروڑ 10 million in bitcoin as a result of a cyber attack.

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According to the details, the Brazilian JBS company, the world’s largest meat supplier, has confirmed that after the cyber attack on the company, they have paid a ransom of 11 11 million to the hackers in bitcoin.

Criminal hackers were paid a ransom when most of the company’s factories began operating online, JBS America said Wednesday.

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Andre Noguera, chief executive officer of the JBS America division, said the company made the decision to prevent any unforeseen issues related to the attack and to ensure data was not leaked.

Cyber ​​attack on meat company, supply of meat stopped

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“It was very painful to pay the criminals, but we took this step in favor of our customers, the money was paid when most of the company’s plants had resumed operations,” Andre Noguera told the Wall Street Journal. ۔

He said the ransom was paid to prevent further disruption to JBS’s meat plants, and to limit the impact on restaurants, grocery stores and farmers.

JBS is the world’s largest meat supplier in terms of sales, and it supplies meat from Australia to South America and Europe, the largest beef processor in the United States, and in chicken and pork. Is the top supplier.

The cyber-attack affected the company’s IT support systems in North America and Australia, with the US government blaming REvil, a gang of criminals, for the ransomware. It is thought to be from Russia or Eastern Europe.

Hackers fail, ransom of bitcoins worth crores of rupees confiscated

The attack on JBS was thought to be part of a series of attacks on Tawani software, which demanded millions of dollars from companies to regain control of their operating systems. Last May, hackers shut down a gas company on the East Coast in the United States, which had to pay hackers 44 4.4 million in bitcoin to regain control of its operations and services. The FBI confiscated 23 2.3 million worth of cryptocurrencies from a virtual currency wallet.

The attacks show that cybercriminals have changed their targets, previously targeting data-rich companies such as retailers, banks and insurers, but now targeting key service providers such as hospitals. , Transport operators and food companies.


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