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Anniversary of renowned historian and archeologist Zubeida Yazdani – – IG News

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Renowned historian and cultural expert Zubeida Yazdani died on June 11, 1996 in London. He wrote books and numerous scholarly articles on Indian history and became known as a professional historian. Zubaida Yazdani’s special subject was Hyderabad Deccan on which her work is considered as a credible and reliable reference.

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Born on April 27, 1916, Zubaida Yazdani’s father, Dr. Ghulam Yazdani, was also known as an archaeologist. He played an important role in the history and culture of India while his books proved to be memorable and important historical references. He was the Director of Archeology in Hyderabad, Deccan during the Nizam era and in addition to working for the protection of the caves of Ajanta and Ellora, he also supervised the reconstruction and repair of historical temples of different religions. Zubeida Yazdani, like her father, took an interest in history, civilization and culture and received her formal education from Oxford University. She was one of the first Asian women to enter Oxford.

Zubaida Yazdani’s first book was Hyderabad during the Residency of Henry Russell 1811-1820, while her second major book was The Seventh Nizam: The Fallen Empire. Zubeida Yazdani was also known for her social and educational work.

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Zubaida Yazdani, an expert on the history and culture of the Hyderabad Deccan, spent her time as a lecturer at the Women’s College of the Ottoman University, a well-known and great institution for nurturing science and art in the same populous region. Kept After retirement in 1976, she settled in the UK with her husband Mir Yasin Ali Khan and died there.


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