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Another viral video of Haniya Aamir and Asher Wajahat – IG News

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Another viral video of Haniya Aamir and Asher Wajahat

Another video of Khobro actress and model Haniya Aamir with young singer and actor Asher Wajahat, who has been making headlines for the past few days due to viral video, has gone viral on social media.

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A video of Haniya Aamir is going viral on the photo and video sharing app Instagram in which young singer and actor Asher Wajahat can also be seen with her.

In the video, Haniya Aamir is seen humming the most popular song of the Bollywood film ‘Om Shanti Om’ ‘Aankhon Mein Teri’.

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In the video shared on Instagram, it can be seen that Haniya Aamir sings a few words of this song in the ear of singer Asher Wajahat and then both of them start laughing loudly.

This viral video of Haniya Aamir and Asher Wajahat is also being severely criticized by social media users, however, it is not yet clear whether this video is old or has been made recently.

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It is to be noted that recently Haniya Aamir had shared a video with singer and actor Asher Wajahat on which a strong reaction was expressed on social media.

Haniya Aamir, while sharing this video, had said that her brother is treated in such a way that when he is suffering from 101 fever.

In the video, Haniya was with Aamir Asher Wajahat and he was lying on the bed covered with a blanket.

As soon as this video of Haniya Aamir went viral on social media, the actress was criticized by the users, while a large number of showbiz personalities also issued various messages to Haniya to cheer her up.

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