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Asfandyar Wali termed the government’s target of tax collection as imaginary – IG News

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Opposition Awami National Party (ANP) leader Asfandyar Wali termed the federal government’s tax collection target as illusory.

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Commenting on the budget 2021-22 presented in the National Assembly, Asfandyar Wali described it as a manipulation of words.

He said that the government has tried to deceive the people by manipulating words. The target of tax collection has been set at Rs. 8,829 billion which is nothing but illusion.

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The ANP chief further said that the PTI government has taken more loans in the history of the country. I ask how the budget of a debt-ridden country will provide relief to the people.

He said that there was nothing in the budget prepared at the behest of the IMF to provide relief to the people, adding that a 10% increase in the salaries of government employees was like cumin in a camel’s mouth.

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Asfandyar Wali also asked those who are crying over inflation from imports, whether food items are also being imported?

He said that the promise made to the merged districts has not been fulfilled this time as well, allocating Rs 54 billion is a joke.

The ANP chief said that even the share of 3% integrated districts was not given in the NFC award, the amount allocated last year was also not spent.

He said that allocating money in the budget instead of issuing NFC awards was unconstitutional and the share of provinces in this budget was further reduced.

Asfandyar Wali said that the PTI had forgotten that the unelected person presenting the budget was wanted by the NAB, whether anyone got relief or not, the unelected Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen got relief.

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