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Can Summer Really Prevent Corona? Significant revelations in new research – IG News

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A new medical study in the UK has found that the rate of corona outbreaks may vary depending on the weather, but it is not possible to prevent or eradicate the epidemic.

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According to research from Imperial College London, summer or rising temperatures are not enough to prevent corona. For this observation, for the first time, the rate of spread of Corona virus was examined by combining environmental data with epidemiological models, which revealed that temperature and population determine the spread of Corona.

Researchers say that temperatures cause very small changes in the spread of the virus, so it is important to use social distance and other precautions.

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The analysis also indicated that a drop in temperature in the fall and winter could spread the virus more easily without precautionary measures. Flu and other viruses are less affected by environmental factors such as high temperatures and low humidity.

Experts say that in addition to the spread of corona based on the effects of the weather, human behavior also causes the transmission of the epidemic, the virus is more prevalent in densely populated areas. In Iran and Brazil, for example, the weather is very hot, but the rate of spread of the virus was very high.

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What does the sun have to do with Corona? Experts automatically

The study also looked at different areas of the United States where the seasons are very different from each other, with solid evidence showing low temperatures and high population growth of corona. Climate change may affect the spread of the virus, but human behavior also plays a role.

Temperatures remained warm in many countries, but corona outbreaks were still high. The effect of the weather is useless when no precautionary measures are taken. The findings are published in the medical journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


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