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Famous actor and popular hero of Pakistani films Santosh Kumar’s death anniversary – – IG News

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On June 11, 1982, the popular hero of Pakistani film Nigri and well-known actor Santosh Kumar lost his eyes forever. Santosh Kumar was married to Sabiha Khanum who was a famous actress of her time.

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Santosh Kumar belonged to an educated family. His real name was Syed Musa Raza. He was born on December 25, 1926. Santosh Kumar, a graduate of Osmania University, accepted the role of a hero in a film at the insistence of a friend and acted in two films of the Bombay film industry, Ahansa and Meri Kahani.

After the partition of India, he moved to Pakistan where he started his journey with Masood Pervez’s film “Bailey”. Sabiha played the role of side heroine in this film based on the story of Saadat Hassan Manto. “Bailey” was not a successful film, but after that “Do Anso” and “Chen Wei” gave a big boost to Santosh Kumar’s career. Going forward in this journey, Santosh proved himself to be a great actor by acting in films like Shehri Babu, Ghulam, Qatil, Inteqam, Sarfroosh, Ishq Laila, Hamida, Sat Lakh, Vada, Swal, Makhra and Musikar.

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Before the marriage, Santosh and Sabiha Khanum had acted in films together, and while they had won the admiration of the audience with their excellent performances on screen, in real life too, their pair proved to be ideal and enviable.

Santosh Kumar’s other major films include Daman, Kaneez, Dewar Bhabhi, Tasveer, Sham Dhale, Anjuman, Naila, Changari, Lori, Ghonghat and Pak Daman. Santosh Kumar, who has acted in a total of 92 films, also won three Nigar Awards for Best Actor.

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This famous actor of Pakistan film industry was buried in the cemetery of Muslim Town in Lahore.


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