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Fawad Chaudhry calls budget the largest development budget in the country’s history – IG News

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ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry has termed the budget as the largest development budget in the history of the country.

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According to details, the Federal Minister for Information, while commenting on the budget 2021-22 on his Twitter account, said that the government has today announced the largest development budget in the history of the country.

He wrote that the share of provinces in the budget is being increased by 27%, which will enable the provinces to increase their development budget, while the government has also given tax concessions along with the increase in salaries.

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It is to be noted that the third budget of the PTI government was presented in the midst of the noise of the opposition today. Presenting the budget, the Finance Minister said that this time we will give a complete package to the poor. The minimum wage will be Rs 20,000 per month. Loans and incentives have also been announced in various sectors for the low-income group.

The development budget for the next financial year has been increased by 40%, the development fund has been increased from Rs 600 billion to Rs 900 billion, the federation will provide Rs 98 billion for the Karachi rehabilitation project, Rs 12 billion to Sindh Grant will be given.

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The federal government presented the budget for the year 21-22

Rs 91 billion has been earmarked for protection of water resources, Rs 6 billion for Mohmand Dam, Rs 23 billion for Diamer Bhasha, Rs 16 billion for K1, K4 and Tarbela.

Rs 118 billion has been earmarked for power projects and Rs 12 billion for Hyderabad-Sukkur transmission line.


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