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For the first time in the history of the US Senate, a Muslim citizen was approved to become a federal judge – IG News

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Washington: For the first time in history, the US Senate has approved the appointment of a Muslim citizen as a federal judge. Zahid Qureshi, a Pakistani national, is the first Asian American to serve as a federal judge.

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According to details, the US Senate approved the appointment of Zahid Qureshi of Pakistani origin as a federal judge. In the US Senate, 81 votes were cast in favor of Zahid Qureshi and 16 against.

After which Zahid Qureshi of Pakistani origin has the honor of being the first Muslim federal judge in American history.

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Senator Durban and Senator Kerry Booker paid tribute to the approval of the nomination of Zahid Qureshi and said that Zahid Qureshi, the son of a Pakistani immigrant, had rendered excellent services and Zahid Qureshi had performed his duties as a magistrate.

Zahid Qureshi, from New Jersey, has been a magistrate judge for three years. US President Biden announced the appointment of Zahid Qureshi as a federal judge in March.

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After the nomination, Zahid Qureshi appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee in April, where the committee also received joint approval from Democrats, Republicans and senators.


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