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Former Mossad chief’s important revelation about stealing Iran’s nuclear secrets – IG News

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Tel Aviv: Former head of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, UC Cohen, made an important revelation during an interview about stealing Iran’s nuclear secrets.

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According to a report by a foreign news agency, in an interview given to Israeli state television, the former Mossad chief accused Mohsen Fakhrizada, the founder of Iran’s nuclear program, of stealing Iran’s nuclear secrets, and the attack on Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility. Indicated Mossad’s involvement.

In an interview, UC Cohen said in response to a question about the attack on Iran’s Natanz nuclear plant in April this year that he knew the location well enough to take anyone to where the centrifuges were located.

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According to the Israeli newspaper, UC Cohen said that the operation was prepared for two years and that I had 20 Mossad agents, none of whom were Israeli citizens. The operation was overseen by the Mossad chief himself and the agents He broke into a secret warehouse, broke into 30 safes, obtained documents and managed to send them out of Iran.

The former Mossad chief also spoke about the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizada, the founder of Iran’s nuclear program, in November last year, which Iran blamed on Israel.

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UC Cohen did not deny or acknowledge Mossad’s involvement in the assassination of Mohsin Fakhrizada, but said he had been in our custody for some time and that Mossad was concerned about his scientific knowledge.

It should be noted that UC Cohen has recently retired and has been replaced by the new head of Mossad. Cohen, who was appointed as the head of the Israeli secret service in 2015, revealed in an interview that during his tenure he has visited more than 100 countries. Passports have been.

In 2018, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu revealed that he had up-to-date and sensitive information about Iran’s nuclear program, obtained by his intelligence agencies, and that the documents showed that Iran was secretly Attempts to build a nuclear weapon have been denied by Iran.


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