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Hollywood movie shooting in Saudi Arabia – – IG News

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Riyadh: An agreement has been reached between Al-Ula Management and a film company to shoot Hollywood movies in Saudi Arabia.

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According to the details, agreements are being made with production companies to promote the shooting of international films in Saudi Arabia.

Recently, some scenes of an American film ‘Cherry’ were shot in Al-Ala district and the capital Riyadh. This was the first experience of shooting a Hollywood film in the country. Contracted for shooting.

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According to officials, arrangements have been made to provide all the required facilities and logistical support for film production in Al-Ala district. It should be noted that since the issuance of tourist visas in Saudi Arabia, there has been an increase in the trend of filming in the country by cinema and TV production companies.

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Production companies are visiting Al-Ula and many other parts of the country to explore different locations for filming. Al-Ula Film Management has revealed that the second American film, for which a contract has been signed, is starring top Hollywood actors.

It should be noted that the historical and cultural heritage of Al-Ula is 200,000 years old in human history, this history consists of 7,000 years of successive civilizations, and in terms of area it is spread over more than 22,500 km.

There are amazing places with enchanting valleys, sandstones, black volcanic rocks, golden sand and rocks, as well as villages, farms and ancient buildings as well as hotel infrastructure that is different for filmmakers. Provides the option of


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