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Important news for employees – IG News

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Riyadh: Secretary of Strategy of the Saudi Ministry of Manpower and Social Welfare Adil Youssef has given an important explanation regarding the employment contract.

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According to Arab media reports, Adil Al-Youssef says that the employment contract in Saudi Arabia will turn into an indefinite agreement if it lasts for more than 3 years.

He said that after a period of more than three years, the employment contract will be converted into an indefinite contract, the same law will apply to government employees with annual contracts.

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The Secretary for Strategies at the Ministry of Manpower and Social Welfare said that the contract for employees of private companies and companies, like government employees, would take the form of an indefinite contract.

He added that the government has also recently privatized some government institutions, after which new rules and regulations will come into force. The new regulations deal with matters such as the retirement of Saudi employees and the end of service at the end of a contract.


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