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Is the first country to make bitcoin a legal currency. – IG News

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El Salvador is set to become the first country in the world to legalize the bitcoin.

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The Latin American country has passed a law allowing citizens to use bitcoins for everything, including paying taxes, purchasing goods and services and paying off debts.

The move is the result of efforts by President Buckley, who says it will help those who do not have access to banks or those who want to send money abroad, but critics say it is a step in the right direction. It is a sham rather than a significant change.

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The plan was approved on the night of June 8, announced by the president during a bitcoin conference in Miami.

In El Salvador, the bitcoin will become the official currency within three months and will be able to compete with the US dollar, which is currently the only currency in the Latin American country, but will retain its status.

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Although President Buckley says citizens should consider the bitcoin as wealth rather than dollars, the law states that citizens can exchange the two currencies at any time and use the US dollar as the reference currency. Will be done

Although every citizen will be able to use the bitcoin under the law, it will not be mandatory for those who do not have access to the technology. The law states that the government will promote the necessary training and mechanisms for the use of bitcoin in the population.

Surprisingly, El Salvador is not among the top 10 countries in bitcoin mining, with a share of 0.00%, but the state electric company has been instructed to provide cheap electricity for bitcoin mining, according to the president. ۔


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