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Popular Punjabi film actor Akmal could watch only 38 springs of life. – IG News

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Akmal was a make-up artist for the film Nigri, while his brother was a well-known actor. Due to his association with the film industry, it was not difficult for Akmal to try his luck as an actor. He started his journey as an ‘extra’ and there came a time when he became the most popular and busy actor in Punjabi films.

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Actor Akmal’s anniversary is being celebrated today. He died on June 11, 1967, at the age of just 38.

Akmal played the role of a hero in the film Jabro in 1956 and began to expect acceptance and liking from big screen fans and filmmakers, but luck was on his side. For the next 8 years, Akmal did not get much acclaim despite playing a hero or a lead role in more than a dozen films. Disappointed by this failure, Akmal did not give up and continued his journey.

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Akmal was the first hero of Punjabi films who acted in more than 10 films in one film Salem and this series continued for two more years which can be gauged from Akmal’s popularity and engagement. His pairing with actress Firdous was very popular. They later married, but soon separated.

Actor Akmal’s real name was Muhammad Asif Khan. He was born in 1929. Akmal has acted in a total of 64 films. During this journey, Akmal’s popularity and success was limited to Punjabi films and he failed in several Urdu language films.

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Actor Akmal’s last film was “Bahadur Kisan” which was released in 1970. His other films include Bangles, Zamindar, Pada Geer, Bacha Jamhura, Bahrupia, Chacha Khwa Mukhawa, Hath Jodi, Kheidan De Din, Heer Sial, Jagri Yar, Banki Nar, Waris Shah, Dhol Sepahi, Bharjai, Man Moji, Malangi, Families are at the top.

It is said that Akmal was very sad and distressed after breaking up his marriage with the famous film actress Firdous, and he resorted to alcohol to misrepresent his grief, the abuse of which deprived him of his youth and life in his heyday. done.


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