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Riz Ahmed seeks to change the way Muslims are represented in films – IG News

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Riz Ahmad seeks to change the way Muslims are represented in films

British actor Riz Ahmed has started trying to improve the way Muslims are portrayed in films.

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Riz Ahmed says that research on the way Muslims are portrayed in films has shown that Muslim characters are rarely portrayed in films and that Muslim characters portrayed on the big screen are negative.

Actor Riz Ahmed says on the photo and video sharing app Instagram that he launched a small effort with the Innberg Inclusion Initiative, the Pillars Fund and the Ford Foundation to improve the representation of Muslims on the big screen. Is .

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“The representation of Muslims on the screen is only useful for the policies that are implemented,” he said.

“Research from the Innberg Inclusion Initiative has shown that less than 10 per cent of all successful films released between 2017 and 2019 have less than 10 per cent,” the actor said. At least one role was found to represent Muslims.

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“According to the research, Muslim characters in the films were portrayed as terrorists or traitors or more than half of the characters were victims of violence,” he said.

“With the help of the fund, we need to change the way Muslims are represented on the big screen,” said Adkar, 38, to include more Muslim actors, writers and producers in the film and TV business.

In this regard, the actor also appealed to the people to support him, saying that he cannot do this work alone, for this initiative he will need the support of all.

It should be noted that British actor Riz Ahmed is the first Muslim actor to be nominated for Best Actor at the Oscar Awards.

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