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Saudi Arabia announces new petrol prices – IG News

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Riyadh: Saudi Oil Company (Aramco) has announced new petrol prices in the country.

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According to Arab media reports, Aramco has released new petrol prices for the month of June. Saudi oil company has increased petrol prices.

The report said that after increasing the price of petrol for June 91 by 10 halala per liter for June 2021, now a liter of petrol will be sold at 2 riyals 18 halala instead of 2 riyals 08 halala.

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Saudi Arabia announces new petrol prices

Similarly, the new price of petrol 95 which was 2 riyals 23 hallah has been fixed at 2 riyals 33 hallah.

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Diesel and kerosene oil prices were not changed in Aramco’s price list.

In Saudi Arabia, diesel is being sold at 52 hallah while kerosene oil is being sold at 70 hallah. It may be recalled that in April, the price of 91 petrol per liter was 99 hallah while the price of 95 petrol per liter was fixed at 2 riyals 13 hallah.


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