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The secret of centuries-old colorful lights appearing in the sky has been revealed, an amazing revelation – – IG News

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Aurora or the Northern Lights can be said to be the greatest light show on Earth, seen in the high latitudes of the North Pole and scientists have been anxious to know its secret for centuries and finally scientists have solved this centuries old mystery. Found out the secret of

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What is the cause of the Northern Lights? This mystery was nothing short of a mystery to scientists about which there were various speculations but they have not been proved yet. But now scientists have discovered it.

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Physicists at the University of Iowa in the United States Discover the secret What is it. These northern lights appear as a result of powerful electromagnetic waves during ground magnetic storms, he said.

Research has shown that this wonder accelerates the journey of electrons towards the earth, as a result of which these particles show a light show known as the Northern Lights.

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Researchers say a closer look revealed that a small number of electrons are caused by waves passing through the electric field. This idea was first proposed by a Russian scientist Leo Lando in 1946 and has now been proven.

For the first time, scientists have turned this idea into a reality in a laboratory. In a laboratory, scientists created the Earth’s magnetic field in a 20-meter-long chamber and also developed the plasma that is found in space near the Earth.

Although the experiment did not produce the colorful lights seen in the sky, the experiment showed that similar factors result in the formation of northern lights.

The researchers said that the experiments showed that the aurora was formed, although it is now clear why these lights appear in the sky, but still have to work hard to predict how powerful each storm can be. Is.


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