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Two injections of 90 thousand, he also lost the spread of fake, sick life – – IG News

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Bareilly: Despite the dangerous situation of corona virus in India, the drug mafia is robbing people with both hands, the business of thugs playing with people’s lives during the epidemic is flourishing.

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In India, the drug mafia started playing with people’s lives. Two injections sold for Rs 90,000 turned out to be fake, it was revealed after the death of the patient.

Manoj Agarwal, a resident of Bareilly, fell ill on April 19 and was found dead on April 26, in Bareilly, India. He was admitted to a local hospital where doctors told him to inject remedicator.

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Manoj Agarwal’s son bought two remedicator injections from a nearby medical store for Rs 90,000. After the injection, Manoj Agarwal’s condition worsened and the family took the patient to Delhi, where he died on May 12.

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After Manoj’s last rites, his son Sanskar Agarwal saw the injection box and became suspicious as the injection box had the brand name ‘Kovi Pari’ and the price was Rs 5,400, besides the ‘Make in India’ logo Is hidden

When the suspicion turned into belief, Manoj’s son met SSP Manoj Sujwan of Bareilly and told him the whole situation, which was confirmed by the drug inspector.

After that, the police registered a case against the owners of the said medical store but before the police arrived, both the accused had closed the medical store and fled.

Assistant Drug Commissioner Sanjay Kumar said that the injection bottle was empty and without a sample it could not be said whether the injections were real or fake. The packaging company closed three years ago. No goods of this company came to Bareilly.


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