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When the man who went to the market for milk returned home, the shocking scene darkened his life. – IG News

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Mumbai: A man in India went to the market for milk, but when he returned home, a heartbreaking scene was waiting for him, his life was ruined.

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A three-storey building collapsed in Mumbai’s Malwani area, killing nine members of a family, killing a total of 12 and injuring seven, according to details.

According to media reports, the tragedy took place on Wednesday night. Family member Mohammad Rafi was lucky to go to the market to fetch milk, but was unlucky that his house was involved in the accident. 9 people lost their lives.

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Muhammad Rafi, who had gone out to buy milk, when he returned, he could not believe that his house was a pile of rubble. His family had been wiped out by the collapse of two floors of a three-storey building.

Twelve people, including eight children, were killed and seven others injured in the accident in Malwani. It is reported that the building collapsed due to morning rain. Two families were living in the building. Muhammad Rafi lost his wife, brother and sister-in-law in the accident. Also lost 8 children.

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Only one of Muhammad Rafi’s 16-year-old sons survived the accident. He too had left home at the time of the tragedy. It was reported that he had gone to the medical store to buy some medicine. Grief-stricken Mohammad Rafi said that if he had known that the building had become so weak, he would have left it long ago.

The BJP leader in the area blamed Shiv Sena for the accident, saying the Mumbai Municipal Corporation was ruled by Shiv Sena. Keeping in mind that heavy monsoon rains are falling in Mumbai, the administration has also issued a red alert two days ago.


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