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Who is the best actress of Pakistan in the eyes of Yasir Nawaz? Gave the name – IG News

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Leading actor and director Yasir Nawaz called Sajjal Ali the best actress of Pakistan.

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Film producer Yasir Hussain praised Sajjal Ali’s performance and called her the best actress in the Pakistani showbiz industry. The actor recently attended a show with his wife, actress Nada Yasir, as a guest.

During the program, the famous host Vadakar Agha Ali asked interesting questions to the guest couple, both of them shared their secrets in a pleasant manner and were seen smiling and laughing.

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Who has Yasir Nawaz’s best on-screen chemistry with?

In the show, the host asked Yasir Nawaz who is the best actress in Pakistan in your opinion as a director? On which he also asked for an option but Agha Ali said there is no option, later the actor took the name of Sajjal Ali.

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Yasir Nawaz said that both Sajal Ali’s face and acting are very good, she looks very beautiful on the screen and also gives very good facial expressions.

He said that Sajal Ali looks good first on TV while second on the silver screen.


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