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We want occupied Kashmir to be free too, Prime Minister Imran Khan – IG News

Muzaffarabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that “La ilaha illa Allah is a complete ideology, the relationship between Pakistan and Kashmir belongs to La ilaha illa Allah and we want the occupied Kashmir to be free.”

These views were expressed by the head of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan while addressing a meeting held in connection with the Kashmiri elections. ۔

“Pakistan and Kashmir have a relationship with Allah and we want occupied Kashmir to be free.”

Giving good news to the Kashmiri people, Imran Khan said that by the end of this year, health insurance will be provided to all the people of Azad Kashmir. Health insurance is a great blessing for any poor family.

He promised to provide easy installment loans to the weaker sections and said that for the first time in the history of Pakistan, banks would provide loans to employees and workers.

The Prime Minister said that 40 per cent families would be given interest free loans, which would enable them to start their own businesses and women would be given technical education after which they could make money from home.

Sending a message to the people of Occupied Kashmir, PM Imran Khan said that the whole world appreciates the sacrifices of Kashmiris, we are proud of you.

Modi started further atrocities on the people of the Occupied Territories on August 5. The world was thinking that the people of the Occupied Valley would kneel down but his spirit was faith.

Announcing that he would once again become the ambassador of Kashmiris to the whole world, the Prime Minister said that he would become the ambassador of Kashmir to the whole world and would speak for you.

He said that the RSS ideology of all minorities in India is a threat, the biggest threat is to India itself.

Criticism of the opposition

Imran Khan, while criticizing the opposition parties, said that when money and business are not in Pakistan, he can never take a stand for the people. If my business was also outside, I would not be able to call America ab slutly not.

The PTI chief said that no nation can rise without a system of justice, it is not in a civilized society to go abroad for treatment in a disguised form, a person who has been convicted by the Supreme Court by forging a certificate. He left for Britain, this does not happen in any other country.

In his address, Imran Khan said that we are trying to bring the powerful under the rule of law because the country cannot prosper unless there is rule of law.

He said that La ilaha illa Allah gives honor to man and makes a weak nation a great nation. The people of Madinah were poor but self-sufficient and did not bow down to anyone. This Pakistan which is going to be built will help others. ۔




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