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Afghans who work as translators for US troops find it difficult – – IG News

Washington: US State Department spokesman Ned Price has said that Afghans working as translators with the armed forces in Afghanistan will be given shelter at a military base in Virginia.

In a statement, Ned Price said 2,500 Afghans, including Afghan translators and their families, would be provided safe haven. According to US officials, all translators and their families who have completed the verification will be relocated in the next 10 days.

Remember that US President Joe Biden said that we will not leave the Afghans who helped the US in the war alone. Joe Biden called for at least 18,000 Afghan citizens and their families to be accepted as immigrants to the United States.

The translators are said to be in danger of retaliating against the Taliban after the withdrawal of US troops.

In the first phase, about 2,500 Afghan translators and their families will be relocated to the United States for short-term accommodation, State Department spokesman Ned Price confirmed at a news conference in Washington on Monday (July 19th).

He added that Afghans will be provided with temporary accommodation once they complete the final stages of the special immigration process.

Joe Biden said last week that the first group of refugees would be relocated from Afghanistan by the end of the month, but his government officials did not provide details of the plan.

Several members of the US Congress recently warned Joe Biden that if he failed to get thousands of Afghan translators out in time, the blood of those killed by the Taliban would be on his (Biden’s) hands.

Florida MP Michael Waltz told Joe Biden Wednesday (June 16th) that his hands would be stained with blood if he did not expel thousands of Afghan translators who had worked for the United States for the past two decades before leaving Afghanistan. shall be.

Mr. Waltz has previously served in Afghanistan with a US Army commando unit. He says he knows some translators. He called on the Biden administration to immediately consider the immigration visa applications of about 18,000 Afghans.

After the announcement of the withdrawal of coalition forces, Afghan translators rallied and announced that their lives would be in danger if they and their families were not relocated by September after the withdrawal.

Several Afghan translators have reportedly been killed by the Taliban for aiding US troops and their allies. U.S. lawmakers are concerned that these individuals and their families will be targeted more and more.

On the other hand, the Taliban say that if the translators leave the ranks of the enemy and want to live like ordinary people in their own country, they will not be in danger.

The Taliban also warned that translators should regret their past and not take any path in the future that could be called a betrayal of Islam and the country.




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