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News website for sale with AdSense approved

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News website for sale with AdSense approved

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Here’s what to look for and tactics to help ease the way. – IG News

Eid-ul-Adha, on the one hand, is an opportunity to gain the pleasure of Allah Almighty by fulfilling the Sunnah of Abraham and by associating the poor and needy with one’s food, on the other hand, it is an opportunity to meet friends and relatives on this day Goes

When everyone is together, why not arrange delicious meals, and Eid-ul-Adha is also the name of making delicious dishes, then it becomes difficult to stop at the table on such an occasion. But carelessness can also hurt you.

Since chicken and spicy dishes are eaten a lot during Eid, it is common to get stomach and stomach aches. To avoid this situation, we are giving you some useful tips that you can follow so that you can fly invitations without any trouble.

Take care of cleanliness

This year is the rainy season on Eid, in such a season there is an abundance of flies and mosquitoes which spread various epidemic diseases, so not only the house must be kept clean but also the food should be cooked according to the principles of hygiene.

Don’t forget to clean the streets and neighborhoods outside your home and immediately after the sacrifice, remove the debris and spray with disinfectant.

Water use

Don’t forget to drink water during the day when you are busy to meet your loved ones and relatives, or to go out for a walk or to perform a sacrificial act. Lack of water in a busy day can lead to health problems.

Must eat salad

If you are a housewife and are preparing a wonderful feast in your home, then salads are an essential part of the menu. A salad with a variety of vegetables will definitely help reduce the urge to eat.

Avoid cold drinks

Avoid having cold drinks with food. Fresh juices can be used instead. If you have been a guest in someone’s house, drink cold water instead of a cold drink after eating.

Use of fruits

After eating at the feast, a sweet dessert made of fruits will enhance the taste of the feast and will not be a burden on nature.

Lentils and vegetables are the best

On days when there is no feast during the Eid holidays, make low-spiced vegetables or dal rice. This simple meal will help you deal with the side effects of constantly eating poultry.

Yogurt is the best product

Make yogurt and buttermilk part of your diet at home during the Eid holidays. This will help protect you from the effects of heat and poultry.


At the end of the day, a few minutes walk in the open air before going to bed will be very beneficial and will help to keep your body system normal.




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