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Mention of Bollywood’s famous singer whose happy life “love” took the storm – IG News

Geeta Dutt, famous for her behind-the-scenes singing in the Indian film industry, passed away in 1972 on this very day. The songs he sang became very popular and still resonate in my ears. Geeta Dutt was married to Guru Dutt, a renowned Indian filmmaker and director.

Geeta Dutt was born on November 23, 1930 in Faridpur, Bangladesh. His family name was Geeta Ghosh Rai Chaudhary. His father was a large and prosperous landowner. The family moved to Calcutta and then Mumbai in the 1940s and then Gita Dutt got a job in the film “Do Bhai”. After that, the songs of the film ‘Baazi’ were recorded in her voice and this was the film during which she met the then young director Guru Dutt and this series led to her marriage to Roman. After the marriage in 1953, the couple had two sons and life was going very well, but Guru Dutt fell in love with actress Waheeda Rehman and their domestic life took a storm.

In 1957, Guru Dutt cast Geeta Dutt as the lead actress in his film Gauri, but the film was never completed. At the same time, Guru Dutt was in love with Waheeda Rehman and when Gita Dutt found out about it, he was shocked and a wall of alienation was erected between them. The singer started drinking and one day the news of Guru Dutt’s death came in the industry which some people call suicide. The sudden death of her husband shook Geeta Dutt, she also fell victim to financial problems.

Faced with this grief, Geeta Dutt tried to re-enter the field of singing. He also acted in stage shows and then in 1967 he played the lead role in a Bengali film. In 1971, he sang songs from the movie “Ano Bahoo” which became very popular. Geeta Dutt sang not only Hindi but also Bengali songs. His voice was, of course, beautiful.

Many great musicians and singers have acknowledged his artistic greatness. Babuji Dheere Chalna 1. It is a song which is still at the top of the list of evergreen songs. Similarly, the song of the film Do Bhai, Meera Sundar Sapna Toot Gaya, Dev Das’s song On Mullo On Mullo, Sahib Bibi and Ghulam’s song Na Jao Sian Chhadra Ke Biyan and other songs will continue to remind us of Geeta Dutt.




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