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EU sharply criticizes Poland and Hungary – IG News

EU sharply criticizes Poland and Hungary

The European Union (EU) has sharply criticized Poland and Hungary in its annual law enforcement report.

The report, released by the European Commission, is the second annual report of its kind to cover the state of the judiciary in European member states, the freedom of the media and the state of corruption in member states, as well as the global epidemic on the rule of law. The effects have also been reviewed.

The European Report on the Rule of Law passed by the European Commissioners – 2021, while acknowledging the positive developments in some member states in this regard, has sharply criticized the two member states, Hungary and Poland.

It should be noted that last year in 2020, these were the two countries where the independence of the judiciary and the media were questioned and these are the two countries that are facing restrictions on the rule of law under Article 7 of European law. Is.

In its report, the commission quoted Poland as saying that the influence of Poland’s ruling party, the PES, on the judiciary was still a matter of concern.

Similarly, reforms in the Polish justice system, including new developments, are a cause for concern, as noted in the 2020 report.

The commission cited the country’s constitutional tribunal, which appoints judges, where the prosecutor general was also responsible for alleged corruption in appointments.

In a similar report, the commission expressed concern over Hungary’s independence of the judiciary and anti-corruption strategy, saying that the diversity of the media there was at stake because the bulk of state advertising went to pro-government media, while independent media Institutions and journalists face obstacles and threats.

Speaking at the launch of the report in Brussels, European Commissioner for Values ​​and Transparency Vora Jorrova said the report was a useful deterrent that has sparked the necessary debate between member states and institutions.

He said that while the report shows that member states can make progress in improving the law, there are also reasons for grave concern in several member states.

Especially when it comes to the independence of the judiciary, the fact that two journalists have been killed in recent months is unacceptable.

Commenting on the report, European Commissioner for Justice Deedia Renders said it was the result of positive rule of law reforms in several European member states.

He said that the Council of Ministers of several countries used the report to modernize governance through national dialogue.

The European Commissioner for Justice added that since last year’s report, he had discussed the report in 20 member parliaments.

It is to be noted that the release of this report has come at a time when the member countries are awaiting the approval of the European Commission for their economic recovery plans after COVID-19.

In the context of this report, the idea is being debated again in European political and diplomatic circles that some member states like the money received from the European Union but not European laws.

In its annual law enforcement report, the European Commission also criticized Slovenia and Bulgaria in various ways.



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