India-Australia T20 cricket match: Supervisory committee appointed by Supreme Court IG News

HyderabadThe Supreme Court of India has appointed a Supervisory Committee to oversee the upcoming T20 cricket match between India and Australia being played at the RGI Uppal Stadium on 25 September.

The committee includes former Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh Justice Nisar Ahmed Kakru, Director General of Anti-Corruption Bureau Anjani Kumar, former Indian cricketer SL Venkatapathy Raju and Director Hyderabad Cricket Academy Vanka Pratap.

The former Chief Justice held a video conference on Friday, which was attended by Anjani Kumar and other members of the committee. Justice NA Kakru appealed to all the stakeholders that the main concern at this time is the smooth conduct of the cricket match at RGI Stadium, Uppal. During the video conference, the former Chief Justice has requested the government agencies to cooperate and extend full support in organizing the cricket match smoothly.

However, the committee has given complete freedom to the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) to organize the event systematically. Justice Nisar Ahmed Kakroo is coming to Hyderabad in September to review issues mandated by the Supreme Court of India.


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