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Chinese social media users are debating whether Beijing should support the Khalistan movement or not. Also, China’s official media is reporting extensively on the India-Canada diplomatic dispute. Additionally, the downfall of former Foreign Minister Qin Gang has been linked to an alleged extramarital affair and the birth of a child in the United States. President Xi Jinping’s paranoia has been on full display as an obsession with national security has begun to drive Chinese foreign policy. ChinaScope highlights India-Canada tensions, debates on social media, the opening ceremony of the 2023 Asian Games and other news and media coverage.

China throughout the week

The diplomatic dispute between India and Canada has triggered a debate on Chinese social media about who Beijing should stand with in this dispute.

Users were concerned about this controversy and people seemed divided between supporting India and the Khalistan movement. This debate once again reflects China’s limited understanding of India’s ethnic diversity.

But it remained a major point of debate on Chinese social media, with the topic being discussed on 49 search pages on Weibo. Read the top ten searches on Baidu, “Has the fall already started? The West started a siege against India.”

As soon as India and Canada expelled their diplomats on September 18, China Xinhua News agencies immediately jumped into reporting. This news was prominently published on the front page of this government newspaper. in Toronto China Daily The reporter reported extensively on the tension between the two countries. even Global Times And People’s Daily Also reported from Canada. However, this is an unusual occurrence by Chinese government media, as it does not delve much into the internal issues of other countries, nor do their reporters cover them.

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