Indian Pilots Sleep in Cockpit: As many as 66 percent of Indian pilots sleep in the cockpit IG News

Leaders Online Desk: As many as 66 percent of Indian pilots have admitted that they sleep in the cockpit while flying. A survey was conducted in this regard. As many as 542 pilots participated in this survey. Meanwhile, while admitting this, some sleeping pilots admitted that they did not even tell their fellow pilots that they were sleeping.

Pilots flying domestically, regionally and internationally were included in the survey. Also, the pilot’s sleep was checked through the Epworth Sleepiness Scale. Of these, 54 percent of pilots reported severe sleep problems, while 41 percent reported moderate sleep problems. The survey was conducted by an NGO called Safety Matters Foundation. (Indian Pilots Sleep in Cockpit)

Continuous and excessive work, workload, work stress causes physical and mental fatigue. According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), pilots face sleep problems due to this.

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