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Top 10 Best Railways In World: While India ranks fourth in terms of railway network in the world, India ranks seventh in terms of size. It is a great achievement for India to reach here with such a large population.

Top 10 Best Railway In World

The railway system you see today.. when it started, train coaches were pulled by horses. The same train has become the backbone of world progress today. A mining engineer, Reynolds built the first railroad in 1767 with iron rails. Jessob of England designed the model currently in use. Railways came at a time when there was a dire need for transportation facilities to transport goods quickly and safely, and for people to travel from one place to another. The railways were created in the background of common people’s concern as to why traveling by horse, cart or other own vehicles should be restricted to the rich.

People’s way of life, social evolution, production of goods and needs have made intellectuals think in new ways. So it was a coincidence that both the railway and the steam engine matured at about the same time, and for the first time in England, which achieved the greatest social and economic success in the world in the shortest period of time, the two came together. Today we will know which country is in which position in terms of the same rail network.

1. United States of America- America is number one in terms of rail network in the world. America’s rail network is 2,57,560 km. However, most of America’s railways are used for freight.

2. China- China has the second largest railway network in the world. China has a rail network of more than 150,000 km. But China ranks first in the world in terms of high-speed railway tracks with a railway network of 40,000 km.

3. Russia- Russia It is the largest country in the world by area but ranks third with 85,600 km of railway network. There are two reasons for this – the first is the population density and the second is Russia’s extremely cold climate.

4. India- While India ranks fourth in terms of rail network in the world, India ranks seventh in terms of volume. It is a great achievement for India to reach this point with such a large population. Indian Railway network is 70,225 km. Track length is 1,26,366 km. About 71% of the routes are electrified.

Indian Railways is one of the busiest railways in the world. It not only handles one crore and sixty lakh passengers every day but also transports another ten lakh metric tonnes of cargo. Indian Railways has set a record as the organization having the largest number of employees in the world, i.e. about sixteen lakh employees.

5. Canada- Canada ranks fifth in the world with 49,422 km of railway network. The important thing to tell you here is that in Canada, railways are completely private, mostly used for freight transport.

6. Germany- Germany ranks sixth in terms of rail network in the world. The rail network in Germany is 40,682 km. Only 5,538 people have access to electricity.

7. Argentina- Argentina ranks seventh in the world with approximately 47,000 km of rail network. But this South American country operates the largest rail network in its subcontinent.

8. Australia- In Australia Railway network plays a very important role in terms of transportation. Most of the railways here are under the government. Australia’s railway network is 33,270 km. But only a fraction of it is electrified.

9. Brazil- Brazil ranks 9th in terms of rail network in the world. It has a railway network of 30,122 km. More than 30 percent of it is electrified. In terms of rail network in South America, Brazil ranks first after Argentina.

10. France- France ranks 10th in the world in terms of rail network. The maximum utilization of railways here is in the form of passenger trains. The special feature of the railway that attracts the people here is the speed of the trains here.

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