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Nagarakata: The Indian Tea Association (ITA) is putting more emphasis on the protection of children in tea plantations. One of the country’s leading tea merchants’ association has named the strategy ‘Community Based Child Protection Mechanism’. Recently Bagan has taken up a new project in joint venture with UNICEF to protect children and women. It currently includes 30 tea gardens in North Bengal. As part of this project, Child Protection Week was observed in these gardens on November 14-20.

The representatives of the concerned gardens including ITA, UNICEF held an online meeting on Monday on the evaluation of the program and also on various issues to be done in the future. Chairman of ITA Nayantara Pal Chowdhury said that the effective role played by the strategy of moving forward with the residents of the tea plantations in protecting the women and children of tea plantations with human trafficking has come up once again in today’s discussion. A decision has also been taken to emphasize women’s self-empowerment. ITA Secretary General Arijit Raha, UNICEF Child Rights Specialist Paramita Nyoggi and others were present in the online discussion.

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