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India’s statement reflects passion for Pakistan: Foreign Ministry spokesperson

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A spokesperson for the Pakistani Foreign Ministry said that the Indian statement covered the issues of occupation of Kashmir and counter-terrorism.

According to details, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson said these messages reflect an unfortunate obsession with Pakistan. Such statements demonstrate a willingness to exploit hyper-nationalism for electoral gain. India’s statement is a desperate attempt to deflect criticism. The spokesperson said these statements reveal the ignorance and extremism of Indian leaders. This attitude calls into question India’s ability to take responsibility for its own strategic capabilities. Pakistan’s strategic capabilities are aimed at protecting its sovereignty. And Pakistan has clearly demonstrated its commitment to defense in the past. In the case of Indian Adventures Pakistan will not hesitate in future either. The Foreign Office said details of India’s global campaign of mass murder on Pakistani soil have been revealed. He dismissed India’s baseless claims with historical facts about the provocative rhetoric. Occupied Kashmir is an internationally recognized disputed territory. The spokesman said the Security Council resolution clearly calls for a referendum under the auspices of the United Nations. India should focus on implementing UN resolutions. The Foreign Office said it urged Indian politicians to stop dragging Pakistan into their politics. Indian politicians handle sensitive strategic issues with great care. Asking the international community to take note of the Indian leadership’s aggressive rhetoric, the spokesperson said that India’s statements posed a serious threat to regional peace and stability. Regional peace can only be achieved if all desired conflicts are resolved. settlement

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