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Punjabis have always been known as foodies. If we talk about food and drink, the first thing that comes to mind is milk, curd, butter and desi ghee. But in today’s time, all these things are getting adulterated and because of this, the health of the people of Punjab has also been messed with. is going In this series, two shopkeepers from Jandialguru, Amritsar have decided to open a dairy farm with indigenous cows. With which they are getting good response. Let us take a look at the complete story of this indigenous dairy farm and the unique contribution of the indigenous cow to the history of India.

In fact, Amit and Harmeet Singh of Jandiala Guru, a town near Amritsar, decided to open this farm about two and a half years ago. Amit who is a goldsmith and Harmeet returns from Australia. Both Amit and Harmeet decide that people can be saved from playing with their health. At first he kept two desi i.e. Sahiwal cows, later he became so attached to these cows that he opened a large dairy farm.

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Giving information, Amit said that the cows mentioned in our scriptures and history are those cows, but the milk that is reaching our house these days is from a foreign cow. They are called HF or American Cow. But the cows we have are the breeds of India and especially Punjab. There is also a cow named Kali Kapila, from which it is said that even Lord Krishna used to drink the milk of the Kali Kapila breed of cow. Along with this, the Sahiwal race of Sahiwal district of Pakistani Punjab is almost non-existent in Punjab today.

Amit, a dairy worker, informed that the races of India and Punjab are more emotional, due to which you get attached to them quickly. Before the partition of India-Pakistan, Sahiwal cow was used in almost every household, but today due to foreign cows and high production of milk, the prevalence of American cows has increased and today the situation is that there is no cow of its own breed in Punjab. It is also brought from Haryana and Rajasthan. Now I have 250 cows of Indian and Punjab breed.

Along with this, Amit told that the calf of the cow is first sent to extract the milk of the native cows, first the calf drinks its mother’s milk, after that we take the cow’s milk. Instead, in big dairy firms, cows are injected and milked through machines.

The trend of exotic i.e. HF cow has increased in Punjab only and only because this cow gives 15 liters of milk at a time, while this cow gives less than that, but its milk has nutritional value. It is much more than the foreign cows.

In this indigenous dairy farm, where indigenous breeds of cattle were seen, no modern machinery of any kind was seen. Even wooden pits have been constructed to graze the cows. Much attention is paid to the purity of the fodder given to these cows before giving pure milk and ghee to humans.

If we talk about the milk or ghee of these indigenous cows, then their ghee is sold at the rate of 2000 rupees per kg. If we talk about the price of milk, it is 20 rupees more than normal milk. This milk and ghee work as medicine. Now doctors also advise people to use the milk of these native cows to get rid of this disease quickly.

The most special thing that Amit, who is running this dairy, has kept in this farm is that the dung of these cows is not thrown outside, but the fodder of these animals is grown inside this farm and their dung is used as fertilizer. It is used as. With which the fodder is also pure and the cow is also healthy.

Cows are mentioned in our Vedas Puranas and Shastras, although the cow is also called the mother cow. The reason for this is that when these books or scriptures were written, our forefathers and great men used to rear cows of these breeds and treated many diseases with their milk, at that time HF in our country. There were no foreign or American cows. Even today people drink the milk of these cows, but people are not aware of the history of the breeds of their country and the benefits of their milk. Now the situation is that research has been done on these breeds of Himari in many countries and the demand for these breeds from India is also increasing in many countries.

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