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Indore crime file: Former police commissioner said he would come and go because of his relatives IG News


Crime File Indore: He wanted to develop such a system so that people would not have to come to the police station for small matters.

Author: Sameer Deshpande

Date of publication: Mon, 12 Feb 2024, 14:26 (IST)

Update date: Mon, 12 Feb 2024, 14:26 (IST)

Indore crime file: Former police commissioner said he would come and go because of his relatives
Police examine a bomb found on Cat Road. photo-video clip

Crime File Mukesh Mangal Indore Crime File:

ADG Makrand Deuskar, who became the second commissioner after becoming IG Intelligence, OSD to CM and Police Commissioner Bhopal, will leave today. Deuskar became the commander of the Border Security Force (BSF). IPS Deuskar from the 1997 series will be remembered for its simplicity. He was less visible on the ground, but he knew the ground reality. Be it Congress or BJP, every public representative was given equal respect. He did not go home without meeting the public. He continued to target such officials who began to consider themselves superior to the public. They supervised the person in charge at the police station who said, “Sir, don’t come later”. Deuskar says I will keep coming and going because this is my mother-in-law’s house. One intention remained unfulfilled. Police officers harass people, especially the elderly, under the pretext of interrogation. Wanted to develop such a system that people will not have to come to the police station for small things.

TI treated the grenade as a toy

Recently, security agencies became alert when a hand grenade (bomb) was found on Cat Road. The Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS) came with safety gear, but Dwarkapuri TI Anil Gupta came and picked up the bomb. People are careful when handling firecrackers, but TI was watching the whole time with a live bomb in hand. The BDS team arrived after some time and said that the bomb was live. The safety pin and top may be damaged, but the bomb is still alive. It can cause damage up to several meters. Fortunately, there was no accident during this time. So much carelessness that even children gathered nearby. As directed by BDS, the TI withdrew and the BDS performed the discharge procedure. Overnight, they arranged the shooting range and took the bomb to the training ground with a cart. When the video went viral, even the policemen started laughing out loud.

A drunken police officer escaped after pushing the ADCP team

There was commotion in the police control room when a police officer arrived with chili powder. He got into an argument with a fellow policeman and ran away. This officer posted on the wireless branch Sadar Bazaar He was removed from the police station due to his connection with the cannabis mafia. About four days ago, he came to work drunk and got into a fight with his colleagues. When Additional Commissioner of Police (Headquarters) Manoj Srivastava sent a team, he fled after being pushed. They hastily wrote an escape report and handed over the investigation to DSP (Radio) Subhash Singh. This incident, which took place in the police control room, was not publicized, but the news of the investigation got out. It is said that a high-level investigation has been launched into this incident, which took place at an important branch. The intelligence itself is busy gathering information on how such an incident took place in the presence of such senior officials.

Cops game in police station division

Police officers can use whatever profit they want. We try our best to avoid any loss. When demarcating police stations, the police arranged themselves in such a way that the area of ​​profit was not lost. After the announcement of the Chief Minister Dr. Commissioner-DCP Mohana Yadav re-demarcated the areas of 17 police stations. Demarcation took place anew, in which there were some profit-important areas. As soon as the cops made a plan to include them in another police station, they turned to the TI leaders. Appealed that their area should not be transferred to another police station at any cost. Even the representatives of the public, who were caught in the trap of the responsible police station, could not resist their appeals and insisted at the meeting in the Collectorate that the premises remain in the old police station.


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