Infiltrating Pakistani drone with rifle: BSF shoots down- Dinamani IG News

AK from Pakistan The Border Security Force (BSF) shot down a drone (small unmanned aerial vehicle) that had infiltrated the Punjab border with a rifle and bullets.

Pakistan is often involved in using drones from across the border to drop weapons and smuggle drugs into Indian territory. Pakistan is involved in such activities to help the terrorists on the Indian border. To prevent this, the border security forces are engaged in intensive surveillance round the clock. Incidents of drones carrying arms and drugs being shot down have been taking place along the border.

In this case, a drone from Pakistan entered the Indian territory through the border adjacent to Medla village of Gurdaspur district of Punjab on Thursday night. After this, the BSF soldiers who were on surveillance duty immediately shot it down. An AK rifle and 40 rounds of ammunition were seized from the drone that fell in the field.

Intruded Bach. Nab arrested:

BSF troops arrested a Pakistani national who infiltrated through the India-Pakistan border in Ferozepur area of ​​Punjab on Thursday night.

Investigation revealed that he was from Pakistan’s Khaib district. Intelligence agencies also investigated whether he had come up with a terrorist plot. After interrogation he was handed over to the police department.

It is noteworthy that two infiltrators from Pakistan and Bangladesh were arrested a day ago on the border of Punjab.