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Insulin user Wasim Akram shares his ‘morning routine’

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Wasim Akram, former Pakistani player of international fame and sultan of swing, has shared his ‘morning routine’ following strong demand from fans.

Waseem Akram shared a short video on his social media account and wrote, “Come be a part of my morning routine with me.”

Talking about his morning routine, Waseem Akram said that he wakes up at 6:30 am and injects himself with insulin. He drank a cup of coffee and then dropped his daughter Ayla off at school.

Wasim Akram said in the video that it was 10:00 AM and he had already walked one and a half kilometers. Now he will eat breakfast. It includes bananas, berries, and muesli and yogurt.

According to Wasim Akram, muesli helps maintain a balanced sugar level.

in his video The famous athlete further explained that after eating breakfast He will inject himself with more insulin. Then go exercise.

Waseem Agra spoke to people who ate breakfast and heavy meals and said that now they will ask my brother, now can I eat 36 naan and 1 kilogram of nihari, I don’t eat these foods. I only ate breakfast this morning.

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