Intelligence failed, movement became violent without leader. There was no force at the collectorate even after three hours of breaking the glass of the police station car. IG News

Gwalior20 minutes ago

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This is how the crowd went out of control at the Collectorate gate - Dainik Bhaskar

This is how the crowd went out of control at the collectorate gate

  • It was already decided that we would go to the Collectorate, but the police took it lightly.

The police did not even know when the Gurjar Mahakumbh of the Gurjar community turned into a disturbance in Gwalior on Monday. Thousands of Gurjar youth had come out to protest without a leader. This was the reason why the peaceful movement turned into a violent movement. If the police had wanted, this disturbance could have been stopped, but the intelligence of the police is completely failing. After the provocative speech at the ongoing Gurjar Mahakumbh at Phoolbagh ground, about 800 to 900 youth came to Phoolbagh intersection at 1.30 pm and sat down to create a jam.

Here, when the police tried to control them, the miscreants broke the glass of the mobile (car) of Sirol police station. After this somehow the police took control. The police knew that these were some youths. All the members who came to Mahakumbh will go to the Collectorate together. Even after that the police did not show seriousness. Three hours after the first incident, around 4.30 pm, Gurjar youth reached the Collectorate and created a disturbance there. There was no force here to stop them. There were 15 to 20 policemen and they too were not fully prepared.

Creating disturbance in Collectorate and breaking glass.

Creating disturbance in Collectorate and breaking glass.

Could not reach the collectorate in three hours
When the youth of Gurjar community vandalized Phoolbagh, Additional SP, CSP and many police station in-charges were present there. Even after this he could not understand the mind of the people of Gurjar community. Three hours later, there was another uproar at the collectorate. If the police officers present at Phoolbagh had shown wisdom, then when people of Gurjar community would have reached the collectorate, there would have been enough force there and this disturbance could have been stopped.
The siege of Collectorate was already decided
The organization of Gurjar Mahakumbh was already decided. Dinesh Kansana, coordinator of Gurjar Mahakumbh, had announced two days ago that after the meeting from the stage in Gurjar Mahakumbh, all the members will go to the Collectorate in the form of a rally and here a memorandum will be submitted to Collector Gwalior to inform them about their demands. When this program was fixed then why did the police not make arrangements.

The vehicles of the miscreants which were seized by the police

The vehicles of the miscreants which were seized by the police

Miscreants will be identified by vehicle numbers
Police have found about 150 vehicles parked at the petrol pump in front of the Collectorate. These vehicles belong to those people who had come to create ruckus in the Collectorate. The miscreants fled without vehicles after being chased away by the police. Now the police have confiscated these vehicles. Now the police will trace each miscreant through their registration number and reach their house.
The youth had reached under the leadership of Rampreet
The youth of Gurjar community had come under the leadership of a youth named Rampreet to create ruckus at the collectorate. Rampreet was walking in the lead. His name is in the police records. But he has been leading the Gurjar youth for some time.
These were the demands of Gurjar community
Give representation to Gurjar community on the basis of BJP-Congress numbers
The tin shed cover installed around the statue of Gurjar Pratihar Emperor Mihir Bhoj should be removed.
Gurjar board removed from Bhureshwar temple in Bhind should be put back.
Tampering with the historicity of Gurjar Pratihar dynasty should be stopped
Financial assistance should be given to the family of Akash Gurjar, an innocent member of Gurjar community, after his encounter.
Wherever the name Gurjar has been removed, its mention should be returned.

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