IPS Basant Rath, who called the mayor ‘cabbage’, is now planning to enter politics; know all about him IG News

IPS officer Basant Rath (Photo Credits: ANI)

Basant Rath, a 2000-batch Indian Police Service (IPS) officer, on Sunday resigned from his services. The officer, often seen at the sight of a storm, was posted to the Home Guard and Civil Defense Department of the Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) Police.

His resignation came after he announced that he would join electoral politics and join the BJP whose policies he has criticized from time to time. The officer is already under the scanner of the Intelligence Bureau (IB), with his writings in the media being called by the IB “dangerously critical of government policy” and “in open violation of IPS service conduct rules”.

But two days after announcing his resignation on his social media handle, he again called the threat to his life and reputation and it was again his head and that of Jammu and Kashmir Police Chief DGP Dilbagh Singh.

Who is the chariot?

a Messiah To the poor students of the valley, he was known to many in Kashmir ‘Book Baba’ He distributed free books among the needy students. Rath was respected among the public as an upright honest officer who was plagued by corruption in the Jammu and Kashmir Traffic Police Department.

It was in 2017 when he was appointed as the Inspector General of Police for traffic in the erstwhile state. But his tenure didn’t go much further before he was transferred to the Department of Home Guards and Civil Defense after an argument on Twitter with Srinagar Mayor Junaid Azim Mattoo, whom he called ‘cabbage’ on social media.

Hailing from Odisha, Rath has been a student of sociology at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). Though he is once again embroiled in controversies but this is nothing new for him.”Singham“Of the valley.

When he joined as the Inspector General of Traffic Police in Jammu and Kashmir, he compared helmets to condoms and asked people to wear both properly. Soon, they confiscated the Audi car of a senior police officer and said on Twitter, “The driver was a young friend with whom I used to play lawn tennis when I was young. His father is an associate and IPS officer in J&K . I am sad. And I am happy”.

Contrary to the delicate rhetoric that police officers use against their superiors, Rath was very outspoken and used to take a dig at his own chief on social media. Without naming Dilbag Singh, Rath would address a fictional character named ‘Dillu Darling’ and accuse him of being the owner of properties built through illegal means. In all likelihood, all these tweets were for his boss.

“Hi Dilbag Singh. Can I call you Dillu? Are you the one who has 50 canal land in Saroor near Dental College? Is it registered in your name?” He tweeted.

In June 2020, he went to the Gandhi Nagar police station and filed a written complaint against Singh as his “bald head was in danger”. “You are requested to kindly look into my apprehensions about my life, liberty and bald head; the reason for this is some activities of Mr. Dilbagh Singh, IPS batch 1987 batch, presently DGP. I would like to inform you about my safety and reputation. Writing to address genuine apprehensions. I am doing this as a private citizen of this country, in my personal capacity, not as a civil servant, not as a policeman,” he complained. written in

“I am not asking you to register an FIR against the person mentioned above. All I am asking you is to make this letter a part of your police station’s daily diary. today. now. If something bad happens to me, you should know whose number you should dial. I hope you will accept this letter. You can send me a screenshot on my WhatsApp,” he wrote.

later in a whatsapp group ‘Kashmir Firstpost’‘ Moderated by a senior journalist, Singh reacted to it saying, “Shame on the IPS officer who has become IG and got dumped again without any work, because every time he is given a responsibility. He is proved to be a clown and useless. I challenge him to prove an inch of land or property or any business worth a penny in my name or in the name of my family or anyone else on my behalf. Or let him Take it to work”.

Now again recently, he threatened Singh saying, “Dear friends, if anything bad happens to my reputation and security, IPS officer Dilbagh Singh (son of Balbir Singh), who has been in Jammu and Kashmir since then. I am the Chief of Police in the year 31 October 2018 (Present Pay Scale – Level – 17) will be responsible.”

Rath has indicated on several occasions that he would join electoral politics and contest the BJP seat from Srinagar. “If the BJP high command allows me, I will contest against Omar Abdullah who was my chief minister when I was police chief in Jammu, and Mehbooba Mufti who was my chief minister when I was traffic police chief in Jammu and Kashmir,” he tweeted. written on.

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