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Islamabad, May 26 (Online): Iqrar Ul Hasan is a popular Pakistani television host who rose to fame through his show Sir E Aam for Arya News. His show Sir E Aam on crime reporting received huge public acclaim. He also faced many controversies in his career. Recently he appeared on Hafiz Ahmed’s podcast where he talked about his two marriages and his wives.
Talking about hiding his second marriage, he said, “I got married for the second time in 2012 in Karachi, it was seven years after my first marriage, I was in Europe with my second wife when a random fan Took a picture of us together and posted it on social media, then, someone asked me about it and I told everyone because I had no intention of hiding my second marriage. My first wife already knew this, She was on phone during my second Nikah. I do justice to both and manage in my own way. I can’t say whom I love”. Here is the video link:
Talking about his first marriage, Iqrar ul Hasan said, “I got married in 2005, we did our Nikah over phone, we asked Muftis and arranged Nikah over phone because we needed Nikah documents. It was because Quratul Ain had to come to Dubai. Then she came to Dubai, I didn’t tell anyone about our relationship in Arya and arranged her audition in Arya, I hid both the things. After Anne’s selection, we revealed our relationship, we spent 14 years together on Arya, Pahlaj was born in Karachi. Here is the link to the video:
Talking about managing both, he said that both the families meet each other but I ensure that there is a respectful distance between the two families. We meet on occasions and hang out together within a limit. Talking about both the wives, he said, “I am lucky to have two most simple and understanding women in my life, who do not have any issues, they do not talk even on small things. Both the decisions are the best decisions of my life. He said that he loves both his wives who have wonderful qualities.