Is the ‘shock’ treatment over the limit? Proposal under review on misbehavior of passengers in flights IG News

New Delhi, Andhraprabha: The Parliamentary Standing Committee has suggested to examine the possibility of using non-lethal weapons to restrain passengers who misbehave in flights. It is learned that the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Transport, Tourism and Cultural Affairs met on Monday and discussed these issues. Committee Chairman V. It is reported that the meeting presided over by Vijayasai Reddy was attended by top civil aviation officials as well as law department officials. It is known that the incident of another passenger urinating on a fellow passenger on a New York-New Delhi Air India flight has created a lot of confusion.

Incidents of passengers misbehaving on planes like this have come to light. BJP MP Tejaswi Surya’s attempt to open an emergency door in a plane was also controversial. Parliamentary Standing Committee Chairman Vijayasai Reddy has written a letter to the Civil Aviation Department to inform them about the measures being taken to prevent such incidents. It is learned that there was an in-depth discussion about this matter in the committee meeting held on Monday afternoon.

It is reported that the issue of arresting passengers who misbehave using non-lethal (non-lethal) weapons has also been discussed. It is learned that the meeting also discussed the legal challenges on the issue of using ‘shock’ treatment weapons (teaser, stun gun) that make a person unconscious for a few seconds or minutes. To that extent, the Standing Committee will make recommendations to the Central Government.