Issue of Israel-Hamas conflict raised again in war: UN, India praise humanitarian ceasefire efforts IG news

Ruchera Kamboj
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The war between Israel and Hamas has been going on for the past several days, in which more than 12,000 people have been killed so far. Meanwhile, India praised the humanitarian ceasefire efforts. At the same time, the international community’s efforts to reduce tensions and provide immediate humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people have also been appreciated.

India’s message is clear.

At an informal session of the UN General Assembly Plenary on the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, India’s Permanent Representative to the UN Rochira Kamboj on Monday stressed that India’s message is ‘clear and consistent’. The United Nations to de-escalate the conflict and provide immediate humanitarian aid to the Palestinians.

Prevent stress from building up

He further said that ‘We strongly oppose all forms of terrorism. Clearly against violence and in favor of following international humanitarian law. and ensure that further escalation of tensions is prevented, that humanitarian aid continues, and that all hostages are released unconditionally. Furthermore, all parties should work towards the speedy restoration of peace and stability.

Kamboj also highlighted that India also welcomes humanitarian ceasefire efforts.

The proposal prepared by Malta received 12 votes in favour

Last week, the UN Security Council called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza to allow aid to reach the Gaza Strip. To this end, the 15-member council adopted a resolution last Wednesday calling for the immediate and unconditional release of all persons held hostage by Hamas and other groups, especially children, as well as immediate humanitarian access. It was demanded to ensure.

12 votes were cast in favor of the motion made by Malta. There was no opposition to this proposal. While Russia, Great Britain and the United States distanced themselves from this proposal.

India provided assistance.

Kamboj reiterated India’s commitment to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Palestine, including the delivery of 70 tonnes of disaster relief supplies. These include 17 tons of medicines and medical supplies in two installments.