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Some are breaking up love marriages in the name of caste. Caste is a barrier to marriage. Due to these love marriages, someone has to be sacrificed. Even these days similar incidents are seen frequently. As the castes of boys and girls are different, the elders refuse to marry them. Different types of crimes like marrying against the elders or lovers dying on the pretext that the elders refused the love marriage are often seen. Recently, an atrocity took place in Kurnool district and a young man lost his life for the sin of love and marriage.

Kurnool District Peddakkadaburu Mandal H. Veeresh from Muravani village has been in love with Sukanya from the same village for the past few years. It is in this background that they also thought to get married. Their marriage was rejected by the elders due to their caste differences. But Veeresh and Sukanya defied their elders and got married. The relatives of the girl got angry with them and plotted to kill Viresh as per the plan and attacked Viresh indiscriminately with poachers and threw him in the fields.

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Some locals who were passing by noticed and rushed the victim to Emmiganoor Government Hospital. The doctors informed that the condition of Veeresh, who was being treated there, was serious. Sukanya who happens to be Viresh’s wife lodged a complaint with the police. The police registered a case of attempted murder against 10 relatives of the girl who were the attackers.

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Sukanya Boruna, the victim’s wife, lamented that her husband had to be forced to commit the sin of loving and marrying, which shocked those around. She is demanding justice for her immediately.. Those who attacked her husband should be arrested. She expressed her grief that this atrocity was committed just because he belonged to a different caste. He was furious that some people are turning into monsters as if it is a crime to love and get married. The police registered a case on her complaint and arrested ten people who tried to attack and tried to find out the reasons behind the attack.

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