It is easy to get visa for European countries, visa has started getting sooner than before IG News

Sanmarg Correspondent
Kolkata: There is good news for those going to Europe. Traveling to Europe is now easier than ever. The reason is that European countries have started making appointments for their tourist visa slots as soon as possible. Earlier, the countries for which it used to take about 2 to 3 months to get the appointment, now their time limit has come down i.e. now it is getting faster than before. Earlier, the tourist visa was closed due to Kovid but now it has been started but still there was a lot of problem in visa processing and getting slots which has become very easy now. The reason is that now most of the countries are taking this step to promote tourism in European countries.
Easy to get to these countries
According to Anjani Dhanuka, Secretary of Travel Agents Association of India, East and Chairman of Aircom Travels, the European countries for which most people craze from Kolkata include Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain etc. Most have now made it easier to grant a tourist visa. These countries are Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain. Earlier it used to take 2 to 3 months to go here. Apart from this, it was completely closed in some countries but now it has become easier to go here.
Demand for grant of new visa of B1B2 of USA
Those going to USA will have to wait even longer as the new visa is not being issued yet. Those who already have B1B2 visa and which has expired, if they apply for it, they get the visa soon, the rest will have to wait for more. And there is an educational visa. Slots are being made available for this. At the same time, there has been a demand by the travel agents to open a new tourist visa, but it will open only according to the policy of the government of USA.
What is the condition of international travelers
According to the airport official, while the number of domestic passengers has decreased, the number of passengers for international flights has increased. Most of the international travelers go to Bangkok, Dubai, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and Bangladesh, while there is no direct flight from here to European countries, most of the passengers have to travel via Delhi and Mumbai. In such a situation, there is also a demand of travel agents that the flight to London should be started as soon as possible. Talking about international passengers, earlier there used to be a number of passengers from 1500 to 2000, now it has increased. Now their number has come between 4000 to 5000.