‘It Really Makes a Difference’: Tree Tag Program Gives to Pets in Need IG News

IG news Update,

A Transcona pet store is helping a local charity brighten the holidays for pet owners.

Pet Walu on Plessis Road is hosting Animal Food Bank’s Tree Tag gift program from now until Christmas.

Tags hung on the Christmas tree shop list a specific pet in Winnipeg, and what they want for Christmas. Customers can stop in store or call and pick up a gift for a pet in need.

“Not a lot of things happening yet because Christmas has just started, but we were expecting that to really pick up in December,” said Kim Kurillo, a volunteer driver for the Winnipeg Animal Food Bank.

Gifts include dog and cat food, toys and treats. Kurillo said there are gifts for all kinds of animals, “a cat or a dog, there’s even a hamster,” she said.

Kurylo said they are desperately looking for drivers to help deliver food to pet owners.

“Right now we have 80 orders waiting to be delivered,” Kurillo said.

He said that he receives 150 – 200 requests for pet food every month, and that number is expected to increase in December.

“So far this year we have provided over 100,000 meals for animals in Winnipeg,” she said.

Donations are being accepted at Pet Valu, 1750 Plessis Road.

Kurillo said a recent survey conducted by the organization shows just how desperate the need is, with “about 56 percent of people responding that they would consider surrendering their pets if it weren’t for the Winnipeg Animal Food Bank.” so it really makes a difference.”


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