Items for flooding in private warehouses! 7 arrested in Hailakandi, including 4 government employees … IG News

Hailakandit: 6 arrested for hiding flood materials in private warehouses This includes a total of 4 government employees, including staff from the Mandal and Chakra Affairs Office. Police have arrested six people on charges of cycling. Allegations of hiding in one’s own warehouse instead of distributing wildlife supplies.

In the last 11 days, three districts of the Barak Valley have been devastated by the floods. Banakranta Raije is crying for food and drinking water all around. Various non-governmental organizations working parallel to the government have been working day and night for these helpless people. But some middlemen have started scandals in the midst of this tragedy.

Hailakandi police today recovered 13 bags of rice, 8 bags of dials and some other necessities from a private warehouse in Algapur market area. This material was provided for distribution in different areas of Ban Alvapur. But Banakrant did not distribute the goods and kept them hidden in a private warehouse. The allegations of the affiliated authority in the local bay are followed by the Akshay Akshay, who is present at the Algapu Chak Bazi Sea. Police have also arrested six persons involved in the incident on the basis of a tip-off. Among them are 4 government employees.

The arrested persons are Mandal Abdul Rahim Barabhuna, Chakra Affairs Office worker Fayez Uddin Chowdhury, BLO Chelim Uddin Laskar, tax collector Fayez Uddin Chowdhury, warehouse owner Sharif Uddin Barabhuti and village headman. They have been arrested and are being taken to Hailakandi Sadar Police Station.

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