Jadeja Rabindrasinh Hanubha of Jamnagar was martyred at Bathinda, Punjab IG News

Jamnagar: A jawan named Jadeja Rabindrasinh Hanubha of Hadatoda village of Dhrol taluk in the district was martyred while on army duty. He was serving successfully in EME Squad of Indian Army for last 11 years. A jawan who was a Heer of Halar was martyred at Bathinda in Punjab. After that, the mortal remains of the martyr was brought to Hadatoda in his hometown and land of Halar, Dhrol. As a result of which a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčtears arose in the village today and tragic scenes were created in the village.

People closed their businesses and joined the final yatra

The body of Jadeja Rabindrasinh Hanubha of Hadatoda village of Dhrol taluka was taken to his mother’s home this afternoon. Where the soldiers of the army paid tribute to him by giving him a guard of honour. On the other hand, the people of the village stopped their business and employment. The people of the village joined the Shaheed Yatra by closing the bandh.

On this occasion, patriotic slogans echoed in the sky. People saluted the jawan with waving tricolor. The body of the soldier was cremated according to scriptures by the family members. Where heart-wrenching scenes took place with the heartbroken cries of the family members.

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Younger brother also serves in CRPF

The uncle of Veer Shaheed Ravindrasingh said that when Ravindrasingh started to come home on leave, he was admitted to the army hospital due to trouble at the railway station, but he breathed his last here. The family consists of wife, parents and a younger brother. His younger brother is also currently serving in the CRPF.

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