James O’Brien voices public irritation over latest scandal involving money from Boris Johnson and others IG News

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Oonagh Keating. Updated January 24, 2023

The following questions raised almost £800,000 in credits boris johnsonis said to have been underwritten by his very distant cousin, Sam BlythBBC President, richard sharpAdmits he facilitated it – while denying any wrongdoing.

Sharpe’s involvement is potentially problematic as his government-backed appointment to the BBC’s top post comes shortly after Boris Johnson introduced him to cabinet secretary Sam Blyth. simon case,

At the very least, the case reminds us that Johnson is unable to live within his substantial means – even with free housing and donors who rely on themselves to provide him with luxury meals and holidays. .

At worst, it makes the president’s appointment look like – as Johnson might say – compensatory.

Here he is, taking a dig at the BBC, not denying any of it.

Oh, well – if it’s dinging, then sure…

James O’Brien Addressed the growing controversy. This ‘Check Your Blood Pressure!’ Warning.

‘The nurses are only using foodbanks because they are too poor to budget, while the man for whom all these clowns kneeled down was too bad to manage his own finances and was six-and-a-half years old because of the kids. There were a lot of demands on figure earnings. that he remained the father – casually to use Nadim Zahavi’s language – that they had to set up a six-figure, £800,000 line of credit for him so that he could keep the ship afloat.’

It spoke directly to many who shared similar reactions.

Judy at The Richmond Maybe it’s on to something here.

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