Japan brought great good news to Pakistan IG News

(Web Desk) Japan also came to the rescue of Pakistan to support Pakistan’s faltering economy. Japan announced 2. 2.3 million aid to Pakistan.

According to details, Japan will provide US 2. 2.3 million for the Human Resource Development Scholarship Project.

According to the announcement, the Japanese government will provide 17 scholarships for two years for master’s degree program and one scholarship for 03 years for doctoral program for Pakistani officers in Japanese top universities. The program was first introduced in Pakistan in 2018. Since then, four batches of JDS Fellows have benefited from this scholarship.

According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, a signing ceremony was held at the Ministry of Economic Affairs for a Japanese grant aid under Pakistan’s Human Resource Development Scholarship Scheme. Under which the Government of Japan will provide 313 million Japanese Yen (approximately US ً 2.3 million) to the Government of Pakistan for the “Human Resource Development Scholarship Project for Fiscal Year 2022”.


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