Japan police’s unique way of catching criminals using orange paint IG News

Japan is one of the most advanced and unique countries in the world. They have their own laws and logic for doing things. Japan has one of the most concentrated populations in the world. It should come as no surprise that Japan has to do things a little differently than most other countries. While the government has many unique features, such as the absence of an army, Japanese police officers are trained to throw paintballs at cars.

Japan is a very safe country to live in, but it is not completely free of criminals. The underground mafia, also known as the yakuza, is frequently in the news in Japan, in addition to other petty criminals who frequently appear from time to time. With such a high population density, the Japanese police force can often lose a suspect in a crowd or in a car on the highway.

Unlike the United States, Japan does not have wide and often empty streets where car chases can easily take place to catch any criminal. In Japan, its government and experts devised some special methods to catch criminals. They use orange to identify the offender and not lose them in the crowd, as well as in cars that can run fast.

This paint can mark anything that tries to escape the clutches of the police. This type of paintball is also used at toll gates, gas stations and other areas to be recognized from afar.

Japan was in the news recently when its government urged its citizens to use less electricity due to unprecedented heat in the country. The government also issued a statement that supplies would be affected due to heatwave. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said that the demand for electricity will be serious on Monday, with the mercury reaching 35 degrees.

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