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Mahua Chatterjee, Siliguri: Pujo is now knocking at the doorstep of Bengalis.
‘Avni are you awake?’ His speech in style, and Bengali! Calling mother with hands; Saying that when you come, our worn-out-clean-worn life gets a touch of joy, holding your hand we live again, in your form we get the form of our mother. A year of waiting is over as the turquoise sky and the sparkling sun make the sun shine, Mother’s visit is only a matter of time. Vishwakarma puja and kite flying are over, soon the Pitrapaksha will end with the til-jaladan of the forefathers on Mahalaya Tithi, and then the Devipaksha will begin. Virendrakrishna Bhadra’s melodious voice at the dawn of Mahalaya will once again fill us with nostalgia. The scrapped radio is back in the limelight, but Aakashbani has come up with the modern era and now the app is a great way to accompany the radio without the radio. That’s it, now go to see the puja; Even if there is no rain forecast, you should keep an umbrella or raincoat. At this time, the incidence of dengue has increased, many people are hospitalized, some are at home again, the number of deaths is also increasing. Therefore, everyone should be careful, hang mosquito nets, keep the surroundings clean, spread bleaching, and clean the drains. These are important. Don’t wait for someone to do it, take the initiative yourself. This time the puja will be a little more open, because the restrictions of Corona are a little lighter, but because of that, if you take the poor people to see the puja, do not do it because it spreads the disease more. If necessary, watch the puja in the morning with the children, sit somewhere in the evening and talk, fly balloons, burst the cap gun. Now Durga Puja is performed in many residences, you can spend the evening there as well, various competitive events are held there. Puja organizers who organize public rest in the grounds know that everyone will dirty the grounds so they keep enough dustbins, we have to use those dustbins to keep the grounds clean. Name-address-phone number I card should be hung around the neck of small children. Boiling water is just for the little ones. You can buy and feed proper mineral water for little adults. A lot of tempting food items are available around us at this time. Choose fresh food, otherwise stomach disease is inevitable. If you have a cold, wear a mask to protect you. Thakur may get watery due to walking and seeing, but do not gulp down cold drinks as it can cause sore throat and other ailments. The rain is not going to go away, so the pressure on the body is severe in the patchy weather, every house has a sore throat, put pepper in your mouth, eat ginger, eat ginger, there is an old trick of mothers and grandmothers, if you can eat it, the cold will go away. Black cumin, garlic, black mustard, chillies, onions should be taken in dry batter, do not add water, eat hot rice first with this batter and then everything else. This trick can upset the stomach, so you have to eat wisely. Pujas are always special to us despite all the troubles, because every puja creates countless love stories that are close to those people’s hearts. Watching the pooja holding hands in the mandap, smiling behind the rising mustache line and occasionally stumbling in the movement of wearing high heels with an unfamiliar saree, is deadly. pair After that, did anyone see that one has to eat baka at home, eat fuchka, plow all the puja mandap on a bike, eat biryani in the morning and catch the way home. The excitement that started with Saraswati Puja culminated in Durga Puja; Fortunately, this is the opportunity to mature love in these four days. Now, hoping to earn a little more, all the puja entrepreneurs who have land set up a fair, with all kinds of pasaras, the Nagardola and riding on it are both extremely romantic. Talking only about the little ones, why many adults also find the companion of Monkemon on this day of puja. In the case of newly married couples, this time to share their small thoughts, what happens without such a big canvas puja to get to know each other? So have fun at the puja, Atheroana, and if you can feed any hungry people, then your puja is the best puja.

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