Jet Airways CEO infuriated Twitter users comparing Indian metro stations to Dubai IG News

New Delhi: Jet Airways CEO Sanjeev Kapoor faced the wrath of social media users. He described the metro stations in Dubai as better than the metro stations in India. This tweet of Kapoor is going viral on social media. Now people have targeted him and shown him a mirror.

The architecture and design of Indian metro stations is very poor compared to Dubai, he tweeted. He described Indian metro stations as ‘artless’. Sanjeev Kapoor shared photos of Dubai and Bengaluru metro stations and wrote on Twitter, ‘Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Kolkata… Why are our overground/overhead metro stations so artless? Why are they not good looking? He said that this Dubai Metro station was built maybe 10 years ago.

Reactions flooded social media

Many Twitter users were offended by this tweet of Sanjeev Kapoor. Many Twitter users did not like this tweet. Users on the social media platform were outraged and there was an outpouring of comments. However, many social media users also shared beautiful pictures of many good metro stations across the country to prove their point. However, due to the uproar, Sanjeev Kapoor deleted this tweet.

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A user on the internet objected. “Transit doesn’t have to be beautiful. If you read too much about urbanization and city planning, you’ll never appreciate Dubai again. Another user wrote, “If you read about India’s ancient If you had seen the architecture, you would have understood the importance of Indian architects. At that time, India did not have enough resources, but its architects are admired all over the world.

Whitefield-KR Puram Metro route will be inaugurated

This statement by the CEO of Jet Airways comes at a time when the Whitefield-KR Puram Metro route (Purple Line) is about to be inaugurated in Bengaluru Metro. In which Prime Minister Narendra Modi can inaugurate this road on March 25.

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