‘Jhunjhuna handed over to me’, Upendra Kushwaha addressed the press after the attack on the convoy, took the name of CM Nitish IG News

JDU leader Upendra Kushwahan spoke to the press in Patna today after the attack on his convoy in Bihar’s Bhojpur. During this, he spoke openly on many issues. Taking the name of CM Nitish Kumar, he also made many allegations.

Upendra Kushwaha said, “The Chief Minister said that when Upendra Kushwaha came to the party, we respected him and he loves me. I was definitely made the chairman of the parliamentary board. Even then I used to think that I would get an opportunity to discharge those responsibilities. I will be able to protect the interests of the workers. But later it came to know that when I was made the chairman of the parliamentary board, a jhunjhuna was directly handed over to me. I have become the chairman but cannot nominate the members also, what does it mean? I was never asked for any suggestions.”

He continued, “I was handed a lollipop. I don’t regret for a moment leaving the membership of Rajya Sabha, I don’t regret for a moment while leaving the post of minister in the Government of India, so what is the big deal of MLC. If the chief minister or the party wants, the MLL can be withdrawn.”